About Us

Orange County Youth Sports Academy (OCYSA) is an athletic & martial arts training and competitive enhancement organization that challenges youths to be the best versions of themselves that they can be.  We stress continual improvement and mind-body-spirit engagement not just during a sports season but as a life goal and endeavor.

But in reality, OCYSA is about youths. That’s who it starts with; that’s who it ends with. This may sound simple but it’s difficult work that never ends.

Our organization is comprised of not only knowledgeable professionals but people whose deepest desire is to empower youths to not only increase their athleticism but to learn the positive life lessons that sometimes only sports can provide.

If we can teach youths to constantly strive for the most perfect version of themselves they can become, we feel we’ve done our job.

In order to walk this path, many lessons must be learned.  We strive to teach youths:

  • Believe in yourself, we can do anything we set our minds to
  • Invest in yourself and you will receive the biggest payback ever
  • Happiness is not an external status, it is an internal state
  • There are no short-cuts in life
  • Quitters never win and winners never quit
  • How & why to respect others and treat them how we want to be treated
  • Each hurdle is a disguised opportunity
  • Lessons learned through failure are meant to strengthen us and prepare us for the future
  • We need to adapt to change as it is the only constant in life
  • Success comes from ingenuity, hard work, discipline and dedication
  • Life is the largest stage and we all have a chance to play a part, what will your part be?

The results of what we do are palpable. Exercise, structure, mentoring of young athletes not only during the season but off-season not only helps them develop socially, but it’s proven to increase their grades, mitigating or prevent injuries by increasing their physical robustness. Further, in our environment youths get a chance to learn from positive role models the lessons, leadership and communication skills that last a lifetime.