In today’s sports you will never hear a coach say: “If you were only a little slower, you
could make the team”. Virtually every requires speed, balance, technique, power and art to it. Our Track Sprint Program is all about growth and development of these areas. Results are a derivative of all this.

About Track & Field, Track is one of mankind’s oldest sports. Dating back to 770 B.C. in the ancient Greek Olympic Games Track events involving speed and athleticism have been enormously popular and prestigious events for mankind.

Ancient Greek chronicles of track athletes, showing discussing competitors engaged in games of speed, intelligence, balance, power, quickness and strength are well documented over the ages.

Our coaches are successful and experienced HS Varsity Track Sprint Coaches and college athletes who know how to teach youths & teens how to properly to run the 60, 100, 200, 400 and 800m races & sprint relay races.

Standing starts and basics of starts using blocks in our Level 2 program on an actual Track.

Track is an awesome FUN fitness opportunity, that will enhance form, speed & quickness as well as enrich lives.

Speed & relay games will keep youths wanting to come back for more and they will in turn benefit in their performance and ultimately their enjoyment of other sports as well.

Among the many areas we cover in our Track Program are how to:

•  Properly Warm-Up & The Correct Sequence Of Dynamic Stretches (pre-practice,

• Achieve Correct Sprint Form & Technique

• Develop Speed Specific Leg Strength & Power

• Accelerate/Decelerate/Increase Agility

• Increase Foot-Strike Accuracy

• Develop Body & Arm Swing Mechanics

• Enhance Foot Speed & Strengthen Core Muscles

• Set Goals

• Warm-down and the function of static stretches

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